Game of Thrones Monopoly

Game of Thrones Monopoly

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When you play The Game of Thrones, you Win or you Die.

Will you have the gold to afford the crown or will you take what is yours with fire and blood? In the end, only one can sit atop the Iron Throne, ruling over all others.

Play as one of the Great Houses in this MONOPOLY: Game of Thrones Collector's Edition and employ your cunning and wit to determine who will hold dominion over the realms of men!

This special edition contains six collectible tokens, including Dragon Egg, Three-Eyed Raven, White Walker, Direwolf, Crown and The Iron Throne. Traditional houses and hotels are replaced with custom villages and keeps!

Ages: 18+ | Players: 2-6

In the Box:

  • 1 x Game of Thrones Monopoly Gameboard
  • 6 x Collectible Tokens
  • 28 x Title Deed Cards
  • 16 x Valar Morghulis Cards
  • 16 x Iron Throne Cards
  • 1 x Pack of Custom Game of Thrones Money
  • 32 x Villages (Houses)
  • 12 x Keeps (Hotels)
  • 2 x Dice
  • 1 x Rulebook