The Hobby Matrix is a well established hobby store where you can find a wide range of tabletop games, card games and board games. We also have a wide variety of hobby supplies including the full Games Workshop Citadel paint randge and the Vallejo Game Colour and Model Colour ranges. Our staff are all specialised in all forms of hobby skill including painting and assembling models and building competitive Magic: the Gathering and YuGiOh decks. We have a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for all ages.

We price match any local or Australian online store for up to 25% discount on all of our products.

Opening Hours

Monday: 11am-8pm
Tuesday: 11am-530pm
Wednesday: Warmahordes Night 11am-11pm
Thursday: Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament (6pm) 11am-9pm
Friday: FNM 11am-11pm
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm
This is a guideline only, you can come in any day for any game!

Our Facebook group has over 400 members and our staff are available all day every day for any queries on product, games, rules, and hobby advice. Our friendly customer base is also always at hand to join you for games on our tables in the store. One of our staff is a level 2 magic judge and offers online support for all of your Magic: the Gathering rules queries.